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Two Reasons Why Praying To God In The Morning Is important.

Prayers can be rendered to God at any time of the day. Praying to God is not time bound; you can pray in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Prayers rendered in the morning, especially very early in the morning, have significant effects over your day. Prayers made in the morning may have a positive influence, or a negative influence on your day.

Two reasons why praying in the morning is important;

(1) Morning prayers helps you cancel every negative declaration over your life for that day.

While you are asleep, your enemies-the devil and his instruments, are busy writing out negative things they wish should happen to you on that day. When you wake up and pray, you simply use your lips to cancel every negative and evil plan the devil has concerning you on that day. And through your prayer points, you rewrite your day, saying only the positive things.

(2) Morning prayers is an important time to ask for God's guidance and protection.

As you pray in the morning, it is an opportunity to commit your day in the hands of God. Our God is a good shepherd, and when you come to him through prayers, he definitely answers.

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