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One Thing That Keep Believers Away From Doing What God Says They Should Do—K. Copeland

Pastor Kenneth Copeland is the founder and presiding Pastor of the Texas-based Kenneth Copeland Ministries. The cleric renowned for his deep biblical exhortations has taken to the official Facebook page of his ministry to share a message he delivered on one thing that always keeps believers away from doing what God says they should do.

According to the cleric, he has revealed in his words that, one thing that is a major problem in the body of Christ nowadays is self-consciousness, and it keeps believers away from doing the things God tells them to do. The cleric has also revealed how the menace of self-consciousness does plague believers in that, instead of simply obeying God, it makes them start to wonder about their life and what people might think about them if they make some decisions for God. They could start to think thus; now what will people think of me if I do that? What if I command that person to get out of the wheelchair and he doesn’t get up? What if I start believing in prosperity and go broke? What about that, God? I won’t look too good, will I?”

In regards to all these, the cleric has advised believers that, if at any time they have ever been through that, and they have had similar thoughts to the ones as shared, it does not matter how you look! All that is most important is the act of obeying God. This is what counts. When it comes to obeying God, your reputation does not count; and the sooner you forget it, the better off you will be.

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