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"Some Pastors Are Keen On Peter Obi's Movement, But Their Impact Will be Short-lived" -Prof. Udenta

A Nigerian scholar, Prof. Udenta, has explained the possible outcome of the support for Peter Obi's movement from pastors and televangelists. During his interview on AIT News, Prof. Udenta stated that although the support would have a massive impact, it would be short-lived.

Addressing the topic, Prof. Udenta said, "I have often been sympathetic with Peter Obi, and he has the momentum." It is a convergence of youth energy that is disruptive to our politics. It also involves the rage of certain elites who are unhappy with the direction and nature of our politics.The South East is also on his side.

He added, "I did not want to include this, but there is a Christian angle." Some pastors and televangelists are keen on Peter Obi's sudden movement, and they will have a massive impact. However, I believe their impact would be short because it is contingent and ephemeral to a point. The depth and spread of such support may not be enough for that kind of victory.

You can watch the interview here. (19:30 minute)

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