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Prayer To Destroy Every Evil Hand Fighting Against Your Destiny

A friend of mine received a word from the Lord that the flag of his destiny was flying high but an evil hand appeared from nowhere to hold it. In other words, the brother was destined to manifest the glory of God but evil forces refuse to let him shine. We must pray that the wrath of God will consume every evil hand holding our destiny.


Father, I come to you by the blood of your Son, Jesus Christ. Forgive my sins in every way I've sinned against you: by my words, thoughts and actions. Cleanse me and make me white as snow in Jesus name.

Father, every evil hand holding my destiny, saying I will not shine; let your wrath fall on them and destroy them completely in Jesus mighty name.

Father, you said there shall be no peace for the wicked: therefore, any evil hand that has vowed I will never move forward in life, let peace flee from them in Jesus name. In whatever they do let them never have peace in Jesus mighty name.

Heavenly Father, every evil hand from my father's house or my mother's house holding me back maritally, financially, emotionally and physically; let today be the last day they will succeed in my life. Let your fire consume them forever in Jesus name.

Father, arise for me for your mercies sake. Look upon my affliction and pain and answer my cry for help. Let me not be ashamed and let not my enemies triumph over me in Jesus name

Father, every evil hand holding my destiny but disguised as a friend or relation; expose them and disgrace them. As they derive pleasure in seeing me in pain and humiliation, let pain, shame and humiliation be their portion for life in Jesus mighty name.

Thank you, everlasting Father for your kindness. Victory is mine now and forever in Jesus mighty name.

Amen and Amen

Remain blessed in Jesus name.

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Jesus Jesus Christ


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