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Prayer involves doing these three things, stop praying amiss

Prayers are a very important part of our lives and even though some people might want to make it look like it is not so important,it is actually extremely important. So important that we cannot do without it.

The master, Jesus of Nazareth said during his time on Earth "men ought always to pray and not to faint"

But how can you pray when you don't know how to pray?

Today prayers have been misconceived to be something you do at a particular time but Apostle Paul said "Pray without ceasing"

So if you go to pray at a particular time, how can you pray without ceasing?

Prayers are actually any requests you make of your subconscious or your higher mind,the mind behind your conscious mind.

For example,you might be looking for something you misplaced and then you just start asking yourself "where did I keep this"?

But at that moment there's no one with you, this is your mind acknowledging that there is a higher mind behind it and asking for help.

That higher mind is what God is.

At that moment, you're praying. Prayer is not stereotyped,it is not time based or location based.

Prayers are not just about what God should do but also about what you need to do, this is one of the many ways people pray amiss,they just keep asking God to do everything for them and then forget that there is also a part to them. This part is how you prove your allegiance or sonship to God.

How do you pray aright?

Firstly, acknowledge your divine self,that higher mind behind your own mind that is responsible for inspirations and processing of thoughts in you, just like Jesus said in the Lord's prayer "Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name". Believe that he can help you get what you're asking for.

Secondly, Make enquires on how what you want, why you want it and how it can be gotten, this is a part that is ignored by most people. Many people just ask God to give them something just for showmanship, and even though their is a good reason for what they want,they don't do their own part in getting it,they just relax and expect God to do it all. For example if you ask God for a car then ask why do I need a car? And how can I gather money to buy one?.

After making this enquires,then you're good to go.

Thirdly, Make affirmations on what you want, after those two steps.

What you have to do next is to make some affirmations concerning what you have asked for. If you want health.

You can start saying things like "I am made whole,my body is strong. I am not working against myself again. I am healed"

If you are asking for prosperity you can start saying things like "I am prosperous, poverty is gone away from him. Money is flowing in my direction".

Well,that's it.

But I have to tell you this one truth, this is only one part of the Knowledge of God. You need all the Knowledge. Everyone of them.

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