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Is It Right For Church Members To Kneel Down To Greet A Pastor? See These Photos

I was thinking, or I was taught that Christianity is being the followers of Christ, having that Christ like attitude. You don't need to pick the kind of life or attitude you want to live in Christianity.

It baffles me the way many Christian's are living, then I come to ask my self, if it is still thesame Christian religion we all practice? Because Jesus Christ himself was very humble to the dusk to the extent that he washed the feet of his disciples. Imagine a master washing the feet of his servants, it's very rare to find.

I came across this online and I was wowed. First, I was thinking that It is just one pictures till i found more of his pictures where his workers and members were kneeling, and his heavily armed security gaurds, then I saw that its there pattern of respect for there pastor.

The man in the footage is a pastor, a man of God that established his ministry in Nyanya, Abuja. And the people kneeling down is his members and church workers.

See Photos;

Maybe, it was the idea of themembers and workers. But even at that, he ought to have stopped them, because it makes Christianity look like another religion.

Do you think the pastor and member are doing the right thing? Don't you think the pastor is being over hyped and he feels pompous? Please share your thoughts on this, also like and share, thank you for your time.

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