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2 times Jesus was emotional in the Bible

Jesus Christ might not be a regular being like us because He is supernatural but while on Earth, He behaved like a regular person. There were instances where He became emotional. When we talk about being emotional in this context, we mean when He showed some feelings that are common to us the mortal beings.

That Jesus Christ is the son of God who came to die for our sins doesn't mean He can't act like us. Here are 2 times He was emotional while on Earth.

1. In the book of John Chapter 2.

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In this portion of the Bible, Jesus was angered by the activities of those turning the temple into a marketplace in Jerusalem. From verse 14 downward, Jesus met those selling Oxen, Doves and exchanging money in the temple. Out of anger, he drove them out, scattering their products.

Significance of His action

The action Jesus displayed here shows that the kingdom of God values the temple of God both in heaven and on Earth. This action is a warning to anyone who intends to turn the house of God into a marketplace.

2. In the book of John chapter 11.

Lazarus the friend of Jesus Christ was reported sick by his sisters; Mary and Martha. They went to Jesus Christ whom they believed would heal their brother from his sickness and begged Him to come and pray for their brother. Instead of Jesus Christ following them as expected of Him, He told them that Lazarus' sickness is to God's Glory.

One thing led to the other, He couldn't make it Lazarus' place. Unfortunately, he died. He was buried for 4 days before Jesus finally visited. When He arrived, Verse 35 of John 11 told us that "Jesus wept" (a show of emotion). He had the power to raise him yet, he wept. This is a clear indication that Jesus Christ is an emotional person.

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Apart from the cross, this portion is the only place in the Bible where Jesus was recorded to have wept because of a person. He delayed coming to rescue Lazarus so that people would know how powerful God is. Can you imagine the possibility of raising someone who has been buried for 4 days? God is wonderful to have raised Lazarus.

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