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Four Ways To Prevent The Devil From Attacking You

You would agree with me that the common enemy for every human being is the devil. The moment you have chosen to accept Christ as your lord and personal Saviour, you have automatically become the subject of attack by the adversary.

The devil attacks us in several ways, it could be through diseases, bad nightmares, or accidents, amongst other things.

You have to be spiritually minded and awake in order to arm yourself against any possible attack from satan. The book of John 10:10 reminds us that the enemy's primary objectives are to steal, murder, and destroy. As a child of God, on the other hand, you are guaranteed to be protected against the evil one.

Meanwhile, we would be looking at some ways or strategies to battle the devil when he wants to strike.

1. Pursue holiness and avoid sin at all costs.

As men, we are doomed to fail at some point. Because of our sin, the devil is able to gain entry into our life. This is due to the fact that when we sin, we align ourselves with the devil and act in direct opposition to God's truth. This explains why sin separates us from God in the first place (Isaiah 59:1-2). With God's assistance, we can, on the other hand, live holy lives. Living in holiness would go along in helping us defeat the devil.

2. Offer Prayers of protection on a regular basis.

Prayer keeps us in constant contact with God and assures that we are never alone. When we pray to God to free us from evil or from the evil one, we are expressing an important component of who we are as Christians

3. Strive to live in accordance with God's word.

Job is described as a righteous man in the Bible. This indicates that Job was obedient to God's commands and lived his life in accordance with His word. God wants us to heed His word and to adhere to His teachings and instructions in order to please Him

4. Make a public declaration of God's word of protection over your life.

Several texts in the Bible mention God's protection over people who are under His care and protection. For example, the Bible states in Isaiah 54:17 that no weapon fashioned against us will be victorious. Read the Bible and become familiar with some of these verses .

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