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Mike Bamiloye Reveals That Satan Also Knows How To Use The Word Against Those Who Think They Know It

The Founder of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries Pastor Mike Bamiloye shared a recent post on his Facebook page to the public

According to the cleric, he reportedly stated that "when you think you know the word of God, don't forget to remember that Satan perfectly knows how to use the word of God against those who think they know it. The devil was once with God in heaven before he was thrown down to earth, so he knows the scriptures and knows how to I twist it against the children of God. We have to be more watchful and discerning to know that the devil is out to deceive in other to be lured by Satan. In Matthew chapter four, we read there how Satan tempted Jesus Christ using the word but thank be to Jesus He knows and He has the knowledge about the word of God and He overcame.

Therefore, search the word of God deeply and receive the wisdom of God and the knowledge of the word of God to know when the enemy is trying to use the word against you, to make you do what the word is not saying you should do.

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