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The meaning of prayer

The word PRAYER is simply communicating with God 

Prayer brings us close to God and enable us to listen to what God has to say

We can not get connected to God without prayer 

He wants us to talk to him and thus prayer is one  way of doing so 

Prayer is to Honor God and glorify Him 

The more we pray the more we spend our time with God


God can speak to us through the Bible that's why the platform is called "Bible is God's voice"

When you are left alone God is there with you read your Bible to hear from Him what He wants you to do

Prayer is listening to God, Prayer is talking to God, prayer is enjoying the presence of God.

The quality of our prayer life determines the quality our relationship with God,

Hallelujah Brethrens 

How do you speak to your God?

We pray because we depend on God, He is our source, through prayer we receive the comfort, strength and all other resources that we need in life both naturally and spiritually

Just as man and woman in love desires to be together and communicate, likewise we desire to be with Him and fellowship with Him in proportion to our love for Him and His love for us, so we must pray to be in good relationship with God

We pray because we want to inherit the kingdom life 

We pray because He has given us free live

We pray because He paid our debts of sin

Colossians 4:2 continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with Thanksgiving

When we pray, our nation is healed, our land is healed 

2 chronicles 7:14

We have responsibility to acknowledge our sins and repent if we want to be reconciled to God, we need to be in right standing with Him

When we pray the chains of curses do break

We get breakthrough

We grow spiritually when we pray daily

As Christians we must know that we carry the seed of healing to our nation 

Whenever you are take it in account

We should not cry when disaster comes upon our nation like unbelievers do cry, because they have no assurance that God will hear them, just because they have no promises of God in them but as Christians we do have God's promises

You must be bold to the throne of grace 

Hebrew 4:16

Let us us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need

We must build a structure of prayer life in our day to day basis

We should stop using vain petitions in our prayer but we must have solid reason and have faith in whatever we pray for

Mathew 6:7

Have a purpose in prayer, know what you are going to pray about or what you are going to thank God about

Not every time you have to be cry about your problems, you need also to thank Him for what He has done to you

Majority of Christians today they have have no clear purpose of their prayer or Thanksgiving to God that's why every time they keep on praying about the same problems

Quote scriptures if possible while praying and as you declare your petition before God

You pray while kneeling down, standing, sitting down, lying on the bed or prostrate

Praying while kneeling 

Acts 20:36,1kings 18:42,Mark 14:35,Daniel 6:10 ,Acts 9:10

Daniel knelt down while praying three Times day

Standing 2Chronicles 20:5,13

Mark 11:25

As you pray believe they your words have power 

There is a contest in heavenly realm for your words 

You have to know that your mouth will employ either satan and his power of God and His power

Your words will either employ the cycle of life or the cycle of death 

Mark 11:23

You can pray while lifting up your hands

Joshua 1:8

I conclude by saying that it's good to begin your prayers with Thanksgiving and praise

Psalms 100:4 says Enter into his gates with Thanksgiving and into His court with praise,Be thankful to Him and bless His name

Be blessed Brethrens for following up this morning teachings

God bless you all

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