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Government Should Open Churches And Mosques Before September, Using these Guidelines(OPINION).

Religious gardering has been disallowed by the Federal Government since March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

There as been a lot of criticism on how the government would open businesses and market without putting much consideration into religious activities.

The government on several occasions has cited that it is safer to for the public to worship at home, because religious centres are particularly recognise to spread the virus among worshipers.

We all have notice that science as done considerably well in the past but have not even been able to successfully curb the spread of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. 

It is high time we turn to God in solidarity, Christian and Muslim should be allow to pray to God, so God can help us solve the deadly Coronavirus that plagued the whole earth.

The government have rolled out different guidelines for Church and Mosque to resume their activities, but the guidelines have not been put in place because the Coronavirus cases in some states are getting high and worrying. The Government believes that the guidelines they released can't stop the spread of the Virus.

Below are guidelines I personally think the Government should use so religious activities can begin.

Church services should be done in batches and all activities should not be more than 2hrs ( 7AM-9AM). Only Sunday service should be allowed for now.

Each church service would be for a maximum of one hour with an interval of 30 minutes in between services to allow time for disinfection.

Mosques should be opened for Muslims on Friday and it should be done in batches, it should not exceed 2hrs.

Friday Jummat prayers, mosques are to open 20 minutes before prayers and close 20 minutes after prayers. The duration of Friday prayers, including sermons, should not exceed an hour.

What is your opinion on these guidelines?

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Content created and supplied by: Samueladejokun (via Opera News )

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