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Why was incest allowed in the Bible?

Cain was married to either his sister or his niece. Sarah was Abraham's half-sister. Abraham's brother Nahor married his niece Milcah.Why was incest allowed in the Bible?

The Bible doesn't say,but we can speculate. Adam and Eve were created genetically pare. They had no congenital defects to pass on to their offspring. DNA damage accumulates over time, but even 2000 years later, when Abraham was born, genes were healthy enough to allow for him to marry his half-sister. Genetic abnormalities did not influence marriage partners until theyhad multiplied enough to be a healthrisk.

Another possible reason is the patriarchy and tribalism common at the time. When Isaac needed a wife, Abraham did not want him to marry one of the local Canaante women. Their religion was anathema to the worship of God. So he sent his servant back to his homeland to find a woman from his relatives (Genesis 24).Later, Rebecca convinced Isaac to send their son Jacob away to her family to find a wife.

In ancient times, it was often tabooto have relations with your child or sibling, but the first comprehensive mandate in the Bible didn't arrive until the Mosaic law.In the early old Testament, incest was allowed because it wasn't genetically dangerous and it wasn't against the law.

What do you think about the incest in the Bible, is it good or not? Drop your comment in the comment box. May God almighty see us through in this hard time and protect usfrom the eyes of evil ones in Jesus name.

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