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Say These Midnight Prayer Points For The Week

Father I thank your for the privilege given unto me to see another new week. Thank you for counting I and my family worthy to receive your mercy this week. Thank you Jesus.

Father forgive my unrighteousness, and set me free from every desire of sin in Jesus Name.

Holy Spirit invade my life this week and beyond. Please help me to have an intimate relationship with you in Jesus Name.

Holy Ghost I don't want to be the same way, Come mightily upon me, my life and family and change us for the best in Jesus Name.

O LORD my God put me on the wings of your mercy this week and beyond. Let your mercy be made available for me in Jesus Name.

O LORD my God among the multitudes you have decided to show mercy on, Father may I be counted worthy to receive your mercy in Jesus Name.

Father in your power contend with those power of darkness contending against my life. Fight against those fighting against my life and family in Jesus mighty Name. In the Name of Jesus, I come against every strange demonic attack targeted towards me and my family. I decree I and my family are covered by the blood of Jesus.

In the Name of Jesus, strange attacks that comes with sickness, pain and affliction get behind me in Jesus mighty Name.

O LORD of Hosts, scatter every gathering of enemies waging war against me or my family in Jesus mighty Name.

In the Name of Jesus, I insist tonight my deliverance from satanic embargo must happen now. I am delivered from every forms of embargoes in Jesus Name. In the Name of Jesus, I put off every embargo of delay, delaying my fulfillment, delaying my fruitfulness, delaying my marital breakthrough, delaying my appointment and promotion. I pull them out of my life in Jesus mighty Name.

Embargoes that stops men at the edge of their success, embargoes of repeated failures and stagnation what are you waiting for, l pull you out of my life and family tonight by fire by force in Jesus Name.

Father make this week a unique one for me. Let every doors I knock on be open unto me this week in Jesus Name.

In the Name of Jesus, the Lord is my shepherd, therefore I am saved from all forces of darkness in Jesus Name.

Father this week and beyond, bless my business, prosper the works of my hands. Let my going out and coming in be favourable for me in Jesus Name.

Father release your numerous blessings upon me this week. Fill my barns with more than enough in Jesus Name.

Father let the angles of your presence go ahead of me and my family this week and beyond in Jesus Name.

Give God thanks for answering your prayers.

We pray, in Jesus name.

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Holy Ghost Jesus


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