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"The Keys To Effective Fasting" -Reno Omokri Sends Out Message To Both Muslims And Christians

It's always surprising to realise you've fasted for long days but your prayers are not answered. You have to know that nothing is wrong with you! You just haven't taken the right steps towards making your fast an effective one.

For both Muslims and Christians, fasting to God goes beyond not tasting food or water. God didn't urge us to fast because He wants us to be hungry. It's just a way to get us closer to him with our charitable acts.

Popular Orator, Reno Omokri has provided the Keys to Effective fasting. You might not totally agree with him but there are certain ideas that you would need to make your fast really effective. When your fast is effective, it makes it easier for you to get something from God.

According to Reno Omokri, these are the Keys to Effective fasting: 

-Keep your fast a secret

-If people invite you to eat, don’t say ‘I am fasting’, instead say ‘next time’.

-Dress powerfully, not haggardly 

-Prepare/buy the food you would have eaten

-Give it to the poor

-Do this and your fast will go far!".

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