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Literature Poetry

An encounter with God (A Poem)


Bright like a blazing sun 

I saw a massive figure 

Never had there been one before 

Fear gripped my loins, 

My soul slowly dissipates

My life slips out of its place

I was dying slowly 

Yet the blazing figure looks on 

Then I thought in my heart 

With a requiem in my heart

Is this the end? 

Is he a ghost? 

Lost in my dying thought 

I lost all hope 

Then the massive figure 

Blazing fire 

With a dominating aura

The fiery lion spoke to me 

He said fear not! 

I looked up but my eyes betrayed me 

I stood up and my legs buckled in 

I laid flat on the ground and said 

Lord i'm not worthy of you

Then the lord replied and said

Follow me and I will make you

And put you in my nursery 

And you shall grow in me 

And I shall dwell in you

I cried a loud cry

I wailed a loud wail 

"I'm not worthy" I shouted

"I'm a sinner" I cried

"Forgive me" I pleaded 

The Lord said with a thunderous voice 

One that I can't forget 

A voiced that echoed in every dept 

I glanced around and saw everything bowing

Even the trees bow at that voice 

Bird fell from the skies like rain 

The voice so massive and strong 

The voice said to me 

"Follow me and I will forgive you of your sins"

"I will make you a stronghold"

Nations shall bow at your sight 

This shall happen

Only if ye follow me

I said with a fearful and timid voice 

"I will follow you"

Now let it be know in the west that I have followed 

In the south that I have followed a master

In the north that I have now a father 

And in the east that I have followed the blazing fire

Let it be known around the world that I have had an encounter with God 


Content created and supplied by: Toluwanimihub (via Opera News )


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