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Opinion: Why Pastor Eneche Is Wrong To Say That Comedians Shouldn’t Lie To Crack Jokes

Popular Nigerian pastor, Pastor David Eneche made some statements in one of his sermons. He said that comedians don’t have to lie to crack jokes because lying is a sin. 

He added that there are a lot of genuine stories that can make people laugh, and they don't always need to fabricate stories just to make people laugh. 

He said in the sermon that most stand-up comedians think they can only make people lie with a fabricated story, but it is not true, and it is wrong because God hates lying. 

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He added that people might understand that it is only a joke and should not be taken serious, but God wouldn't understand it as a joke.

Well, in my opinion, I will say that this is not entirely true. How will he say that humans can understand that it is a joke, but God will not understand that it is a joke?

That statement alone is wrong because God is the creator of the universe. He knows and understands everything going on earth.

So why will Pastor Eneche say that humans will understand that the lies are jokes, but God won’t understand?

God is an omniscient God, which means he knows and understands whatever anyone does on earth. 

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So, he shouldn’t say that God won’t be able to understand that the lies are for jokes.

So also, if he is saying that fabricated stories can’t be used as jokes to make people laugh, what about fiction stories in literature?

Fiction in literature are stories that are not real. They are made up either for the purpose of entertainment, giving morals or the purpose of teaching. 

So, if pastor Eneche is saying that one shouldn’t fabricate stories at all because lying is a sin, then, he is saying that fiction stories should be stopped, and people should only write what happened in reality.

That’s not even the end. What about numerous movies in which the storylines are fabricated by the playwright?

Even church members these days act dramas in church. Their stories are usually fabricated, but at the end of the day, it is for the purpose of preaching the gospel.

What do you think about this?

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