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The Virtues of Ruqyah that Every Muslim Should know and How to Perform it

Ruqya in Islam is the process of summoning jinns and demons by invoking the names of Allah and to command them to abandon their mischiefs. It repairs damage caused jinns possession, witchcraft or evil eye.

1. There is nothing wrong with the Muslim reciting ruqya for himself. That is permissible, indeed it is a good sunnah for the messenger of Allah (PBUH) recited ruqyah for himself, and some of his companions recited rukyah for themselves.

2. It was narrated that Aishah (may Allah be please with her) said when the messenger of Allah (PBUH) was ill , he would recite Falaq and Nas over himself and spit drily. When his pain grew intense, i recited over him and wiped him with his own hand, seeking his bakarah (blessing).

3. According to another hadith Uthman Ibn Abu-Anas complained to the messager of Allah (PBUH) about the pain that he had in his body from time he became a Muslim. The messager of Allah (PUBH) said put your hands on the part of your body where you feel pain and say Bismillah (in the name of Allah) three times, then say seven times i seek refuge in the glory and power from the evil of what i feel and worry about.

Simple methods of performing ruqyah

1.The first and highly recomended method as it is directly from the sunnah is to cup one's hands, blow into them and recite Quranic surahs or ayat and then pass this over to the whole of the body.

2. One can also recite ' nafath' on them to blow three times over them reciting the two chapters of seeking refuge surah al -Falaq, surah al -Nass and surah Al-Baqara.

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