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I invite you to join me in prayer at 9 p.m. for May Edochie - Actress Doris Ogala Appeals

Nollywood starlet Doris Ogala has turned to online platforms to request prayers for May, the first spouse of Yul Edochie.

Ogala's plea emerged shortly after Yul shared a video featuring himself and his second spouse, Judy Austin, partaking in a heartfelt session of adoration and reverence for God.

Posting the video on his official Facebook page, Yul motivated his supporters and followers to start their day by centering their attention on the divine, encouraging them to imitate their actions in the hopes of attracting copious blessings into their own lives.

Subsequently, Doris Ogala went to Instagram to unveil her forthcoming course of action. Urging for collective prayers on behalf of May Edochie, she reminisced about her own experience in a comparable predicament and how she successfully moved forward.

Expressing her thoughts, she stated, "Jesus is good; somebody please, at this juncture, I invite you to join me in prayer at 9 p.m. Let's beseech God to guide May towards a path of moving on.

"I can empathize greatly because I found myself in a similar circumstance, and I managed to overcome it." In Igbo, she said, One who brings good fortune. Oh my God, I understand where you are coming from. May, I can relate to you so much. My heart understands."

The Nollywood actress had earlier responded with doubts to the affectionate video featuring Yul Edochie and Judy Austin. In the footage, the couple could be observed passionately singing a love song while in their vehicle.

In response, Doris Ogala raised doubts about whether the actor, who was once admired, was being coerced or manipulated. The actress justified her suspicion of blackmail, highlighting the actor's lack of recent posts on Instagram and instead focusing on his Facebook page.

Doris expressed her skepticism regarding the actor's supposed state of mourning, questioning whether he has control over his Facebook account and asserting that the renowned actor couldn't possibly be so callous.

According to her, there is a discrepancy that doesn't make sense. Nevertheless, the entire situation has become clearer to her now, prompting her to request prayers for May Edochie, wishing her the fortitude to move forward in her life.

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