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Video: See What A Man Did After An Usher Stopped Him And His Baby From Entering The Church Premises

Setting up rules and regulations is a normal thing in a particular organization. But some people believe that rules are meant to be broken, and some people are pretty good at breaking rules and regulations, they never do things in order. Neither do they obey orders at all. This is to do with a church which made an announcement when people should be attending church services. And anybody that comes later than the scheduled time will be sent back home immediately.

A man from the same church came late to church with his newly born baby, but he was not allowed to enter the church premises by the church usher because of late coming. (This event was disclosed in a video which was posted in social media) As he prevented the young man from entering the church, the man tried to force himself into the church premises by all means.

The man started struggling with the usher, as they both held the gate of the church and started dragging the gate. The man who came late was dragging the gate backwards so that he can gain entry into the church premises, while the church usher was dragging the gate forward so that he will prevent the man from entering the church promises.

The struggle continued for more than one minute. The struggle was so though that it looked like both men were fighting. This even caused disturbance in the church as some of the ushers in the church came out to find out what was actually going on.

Some of the ushers who were outside the church came out to see what was actually going on. While the two men were dragging for the gate, the gate then fell down flat on the floor due too much force from both men. Lastly, the man and his baby were granted entrance into the church after the combat between both sides. Wait, what do you think you have to say about this event between these two men? Please don't forget to like, share and follow me up. See the video here.

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