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Decision Making: Let God Guide You In Decision Making Today( 21/7/20): Pray using These Bible Portions

Let God Guide You In Decision Today( 21/7/20):Pray using These Bible Portions.


Great father of glory, i am here once again before your throne of mercy. I worship for who you are, you are a great God, you alone are worthy of my praise. I give thanks and say let your name be lifted up so that you can draw souls closer to yourself.

You are the mountain melter , the great man of war, my guide and my shield. "The righteous runs to you for safety, in you they are safe , thank you my father and my God- in Jesus name amen.


I thank you God my father for your word in (1kings 5:29). You are the wisdom of Solomon, you are a great God, you can never have change. That is why I always call you Ominiscience God, because you are the source of all wisdom and knowledge.

Your words in ( James 1:5) says "if any of you lack wisdom, he should ask God who is generous enough to give to all who ask".

Therefore Lord my Maker, as asked according to (Mathew7:7) that you guide in every decision that I am going to make today, help me to make the right decision,help to stand up for firmly on my decision -in Jesus name amen.

My father and God I asked for mercy, for I have gone short of your glory, I have done what you consider evil , therefore Lord you are right I judging me and justified in condemning me. God of mercy, have mercy upon me according to your loving kindness and watch me thoroughly from my Iniquities. Let the precious blood of your son Jesus Christ speak on my behalf and make me whole again- Jesus name amen.


God almighty, you gave Daniel and his friends wisdom to make the right choice, they choose not to defy themselves with the King rich foods and meats, father in decision making help me to always make the right decision- Jesus name amen.


✓ Lord declare that every decision that I am going to make will be backed by you o God.

✓ Lord I declare that I will alway make the right decision.

✓ Lord I also declare that my decision will not turn against me, nor destroy me.

✓ But Lord let every decision build and make me stronger -In Jesus name amen.

Father I have ask as according to (Mathew7 :7) , let the words of my mouth and the mediation of my heart beat accepted before you o Lord - in Jesus name amen.

There no impossiblity with God believe in God and you shall receive all things you have asked him.

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