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Why False Prophets Always Enjoy The Accolades Of Sinners - Bishop Oyedepo Reveals

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide spoke to his members at Covenant Hour of Prayer/ Trumpet Service, 1st March, 2023.

According to him, the Bible says we also have a more sure word of prophecy that ... (2 Peter 1:19). We are called to take heed to prophetic words not to just put them on the shelf - take heed. Look at them, find what you ought to do to see God's plan and purpose come to pass in your life. God makes it for you, it is directed at you but take heed to get there. There is no prophetic word without specific demands.

He then said that on March 1st, 1992, the Lord revealed to him the enigma of persecution. His grace, persecution, and unkind words haven't moved him one inch since then. Stay behind if you don't want to face persecution. Backbiting is seldom used by those who are behind. Before someone can bite you on the back, you must be in the lead. Develop a love of persecution if you want to be in charge. Words for words against, they don't touch me because woe unto you when all men shall speak good of you, that fire is still working in me as of the 1st of March, 1992, and has made me stable under any conditions.

He then revealed why false prophets always enjoy the accolades of sinners. He said, "False prophets always enjoy the accolades of sinners because they don't speak any Word from the Lord against them. You better wake up! The words, "Rigourous and Vigorous" must follow you this month in your pursuit of God and watch what he will do in decorating your life."

Finally, he prayed, "This month of March, you're marching forward. The gates of hell shall not prevail against you. This shall be a turn around month for everyone of us. No one shall be left behind. Grace to be in rigorous/vigorous pursuit of you and your agenda."

(For the sermon, fast-forward the video to 1 hour, 4 minutes.)

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