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Kindly Say This Prayer Tonight, Against Satanic Attacks (17-07-2020).

Thank you Lord for your protection and provision for me and my family, thank you Lord for the life of who that lacks but you keep them perfectly safe and alright, thank you Lord because you will forever be God...father, may your name be forever be praise in the mighty name of Jesus.

Every evil doers and witchcraft, that has dedicated themselves and concluded that; if I don't bow down then I won't be successful... Father, I command and attack them with thunder from above in the name of Jesus.

O God, the Prime destiny arrested of my destiny, that has hidden and arrested my Glory all this while, but pretending to be my friend, O Lord... I decree Such a person to be mad henceforth and I free my Glory and Destiny from her/him now in the mighty name of Jesus. 

Father Lord, anyone that has been attacking me using the period of midnight to steal away my Glory, I attack you tonight with the power in the name of Jesus.

Evil doers running helter skater, saying I won't become who you my Lord has made me to become, I command you to die on the run of destruction, in the mighty name of Jesus. 

Evil persons blocking my Glory from shining, I command you to be cut and uprooted away from the association of the living tonight, in the name of Jesus. 

You evil eyes that has seen my Glory before me, and then saying I won't become somebody in life, I break you from seeing forth and I render you powerless using this medium, in the mighty name of Jesus.

You Alien Spirit Tormenting my life, saying I won't have a rest of mind, I destroy you and render you powerless right now, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

You evil hindrances, that has kept the Glory of my life in prison, I declare breakthrough to my life tonight, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. 

Father Lord ,for I so much believe in you... O Lord, at the end of everything tonight, give me reasons and the Grace to be able to come back to you with a thankful Heart tomorrow morning, so as to return all Glory and Adorations back to your Holy name.

I covered myself ,family, my career, the unbelievers and my Love ones with the blood of the shepherd, as I sleep tonight in the name of Jesus.

Thank you Lord Jesus, for answered prayers... 1st Thessalonians I :1

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