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10th Day Of October, Proclaim These Prayers Before Sleeping For God's Supernatural Favor

I pray for you that from today the 10th of October 2021, the Almighty God, who turns egg to bird, seed to tree, fluid to baby, hardship to relief, sadness to happiness, a disgrace to Grace, shame to honor, a story to Glory, brokenness to breakthrough will turn all your positive efforts to unlimited joy. 

I pray the Holy Ghost will always guide your steps and release you to the very portion you need to be in this week for you to acquire all your desire into fulfillment. 

When your blessings are delivered to you, untimely death will not come your way, when your wealth and miracles arrived, sicknesses will never take your peace and joy.

Good evening, from now on continue to arrive at the portion, where you are always admiring to be on earth, in Jesus Christ's name Amen. Voice of God for your life entirely, through Prophet Esan JB.

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Glory Grace


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