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Pst Kumuyi Makes Clarification On The Second Coming Of Christ And Corruption In The Christian Church

Pst Kumuyi Makes Clarification On The Second Coming Of Christ And Corruption In The Christian Church

The general overseer of Deeper Life Church, one of the biggest and holiness church in Nigeria pastor W.F Kumuyi laid more emphasis on corruption and the second coming of Christ in the sermon he preached to his church members some minutes ago.

In his sermon he made it known that that thing that is happening in the world today are signs of the end time and that God is willing and pleading with everyone one to come closer to God especially during this period of Covid-19.

He said this to his members so that they should no go into since because it is easy to get tempted these days.

He then said that Christians be it a pastor, member or a worker should remain steadfast in the service of the lord and they should not allow any form of sin to drag them back.

He gave some major examples from the Bible of Jezebel and Delilah that they were used as agents of the devil to drag people away from God. And that Christians should be extremely careful of the Delilah and Jezebel in the world today.

He said a lot of people have been corrupted due to worldly things, things that will not help them spiritually, the thing that will make the miss rapture.

He said these things in his message titled "Preserving The Purified Church From Pollution And Corruption So As To Get Ready For The Rapture". 

Make your body a holy temple, do not allow any form of sin in it. He made it known that Christ is coming like a thief in the night and that everyone should be readily prepared for him, those who are adamant should repent and find their way to the cross because Christ coming will be like a thief that no one is expecting in the night. Do not corrupt other people live because of your lifestyle. He said.

He ended his sermon by saying, he that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

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