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Pastor Adeboye's Early Morning Message and Prayer Points For Sunday 19/7/2020 (Open Heavens)

The title of today's message is knowledge puffeth up.

The text is from John 9:39 - 41

What it means is that someone who believes that he is more knowledgeable than others will use every opportunity to exhibit pride.

One of the major problems this present generation is facing is that of overload of information and knowledge.

This is brought about by the opportunities presented by the internet which everybody uses regardless of their age.

In order words, we are living in a generation that is puffed up, a generation that is proud of the knowledge it has acquired.

When something is puffed up, it means it is filled with something, should you make any attempt to put anything inside you will fail.

That is the situation today, we are already filled with human knowledge, and there is no space for God anymore.

This is rather unfortunate because we need the knowledge of God to survive and fulfill our destiny.

The Bible says, man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God doth man live.

Our attitude should be like that of someone who knows nothing so that pride will not settle in our hearts.

That is the truth anyway.

When compared with the knowledge of God, we know nothing at all. As a matter of fact our knowledge does not exist.

There are many things that God actually wants to tell us but this problem has made that impossible.

This morning God wants us to realize the predicament we are in and change our attitude; otherwise we will keep losing the good life that he has ordained for us.

God needs to break us down and removes those things in us that taking the place meant for knowledge of God in our lives.

Prayer points

1. Thank you for the opportunity to see another day. Be thou glorified.

2. Deliver me from the spirit of end time that is making people puffed up in Jesus name.

3. Every wrong knowledge in me purge with your blood.

4. Father let your word fund a place in my life. Come and take your place Oh Lord.

5. My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. Make my body your home.

6. Father let your word transform my life, and make it what you ordained it to be originally.

7. Father, today let me have encounter with you.

8. Father, let your power rest upon me to reign, rule, and dominate over all powers of the enemy.

9. Every evil of today, please keep away from me.

10. By your knowledge let me have total victory over all my enemies.

You would need to keep reading and studying the word of daily, so that the value in it will be delivered to you.

Happy Sunday

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