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Ooni Of Ife Bows For Another King

While some people said it is very improper for Ooni of Ife to bowing down in the church, he said he was born a Christian and he affirms that, when he said: “I was born a Christian and will die a Christian.” He said it publicly and he came to church and knelt for prayers.

He said no earthly king is created than the heavenly God.

My Opinion

Ooni of Ife was wrong to bow in the church, you can't be a Christian and be a yoruba king, yoruba culture should be respected and Yoruba religion should be the religion of every Yoruba king.

Yoruba religion also respect the heavenly God and they have their own way of worshipping Him.

A king as big as ooni of Ife should be teaching the people that Yoruba religion is not devilish and he should strive to make it popular and accepted by the world not the other way around.

Before the arrival of this foreign religion, Yorubas were consulting God and they had a priest who was an intermediary between God and man, they also have born again Yoruba religion which is Omoluabi.

What is your view about this?

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