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Every Pregnant Woman Should Learn This Prayer for Easy Delivery

Islam is a religion of peace and there is solution for every problem in the Quran and the sunna of the Prophet (SWT). For pregnant women, these prayers are very effective for safe delivery and may Allah accept it as an act of Ibadah. Please read and understand these prayers and teach your children too. You can also pass this prayer on to as many people as possible to help them with safe and easy delivery.

The following prayer will assist pregnant women in safe and easy delivery when it is time

1. “Thuma sabila yassarahu” (Q8:20)

Meaning - “Then, the path is made easy”

This prayer should be recited by pregnant women 22 times after every obligatory prayer.

2. “….fatamathala laha basharan sawiyyan”(Q19:17)

Meaning - “….and a man appears before her” (Q19:17)

21 times after every obligatory prayer

3. “…Rabbana ma khalaqta hadha batilan…” (Q3:191)

Meaning - “…Our Lord! You did not create this to spoil it…” (Q3:191)

You should recite this prayer 21times after each obligatory prayer. This prayer is for both for easy delivery and to prevent miscarriage. It is a dual-purpose prayer.

4. “…La quwwata illa billahi…” (Q18:39)

Meaning - “…there is no power but with Allah..”

You should recite this prayer 99times after prayer

Insha Allah, you will deliver safely and easily in the day of delivery. May Allah bless all pregnant women.

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