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I stopped talking to my church pastor after he told me this [Fiction]

My name is Chioma and one unique thing about me is that I always respect people and hold everyone in high esteem.

But my Church pastor might have taken this for granted as he end up approaching me with what I least expect from him.

It was on a beautiful Saturday evening, I had gone to the church premises to keep every surrounding of the church clean. Then our pastor approach me and talked to me about how he has always have eyes on me despite the fact that he is married.

I thought he was joking and trying to test my decency, but he eventually proved me wrong when he mentioned that he is ready to take good care of me and give me anything I dreamt for in this world.

But he added that I must not tell anyone about this, most especially his wife who at the same time happen to be a good friend to my mother.

Ever since the incident happen, I have never speak about it to anyone. But I have also stopped talking and ignoring my pastor.

In your own opinion, what do you think I should do?

Pleases, advice me in the comment section below.

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