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IF You Love Your Life, Avoid Visiting These Three Places

Life is full of ups and downs. Human beings are always struggling either to become better or to remain the best. Whichever way it is, life still remains a struggle. In a bid to climb up the ladder, to remain at the top or to satisfy our human flesh, some people risk their lives without knowing it. They sell their souls to the devil, give the wheel of their life over to someone else or worst of all be the architecture of their own downfall. They do this without being conscious of it. In a bid to safeguard their life, they actually lose it. Some run faster than their maker in this life for different reasons. If one values and loves his life, he should not be seen or visit any of these three places:

1) Prayer houses: Now there are a lot of false prophets with their own establishments everywhere and because many are in search of answers they move from one prayer house to another seeking for it. But even the bible warned you should beware of these people. It has done more harm than good to those who visited there. People are told their problems without solutions, only increasing their worry. Some are given false revelations which put enemity between them and those close to them, some of which are their destiny helpers. Some miss their God sent husbands because they were told in a prayer house he isn't the right person for them. Instead of going from one prayer house to another, why not take charge of your life and communicate your needs and seek answer directly from your heavenly father?. If you need help you can still meet your pastor or intercessors in your church. Please of you love your life, do well to stay away from them.

2) Native doctor Shrines: While some out of desperation look for God where he isn't, some go to the devil. They may go there as a last resort out of impatience. But one must learn to be patient with himself and with God. The devil may give you solution but it never lasts. He can never give you peace and joy because it's against his nature. He will only turn your life into a living hell. So if you love your life, keep your nose out of this place.

3) Brothels: The last but not the least, Brothels. This one can destroy a man and reduce him to dust. This is a tool the devil is using against children of God. It is a place where immorality is the odour of the day. It is a place where a man exchanges satisfaction of the flesh with his glory. A man who does such can never be truly successful in life.Please if you love your life KEEP OFF.

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