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Check out why this popular church will not be affected by the curfew imposed on the 31st night

Check out why this popular church will not be affected by the curfew imposed on the 31st night

This year 2020 has been a really tough year, nobody ever expected it to be like this. Since the beginning of the year, the whole world have been battling the corona virus pandemic, which has led to the shut down of activities all over the world and Nigeria isn't an exception.

Earlier this year, there was lockdown in Nigeria which was done in order to curtail the fast spread of the virus across the country. The lockdown had since been relaxed, but we are at the verge of another lockdown. The Lagos state government doesn't want to lockdown the state because of the effects it will have, so they have made different laws which people must abi with, one of which is the curfew on the 31st of December which we all know as "cross over or watch night". This law will definitely affect churches, but there is one church which this rule will not even affect.

The church that won't be affected by the curfew law set by the government is the Daystar Christian Center, founder by Pastor Sam Adeyemi. You may be asking yourself why won't it be affected?

It won't be affected because they don't do mid-night cross over service. They finish their service around 9pm, unlike other churches that finish around 1am. Remember that the curfew is starting around 12am in the midnight? Well, now you see why Daystar won't be affected by the law.

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