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Enough Is Enough (MFM Prayer Points)

    I decree upon your family, enough of every evil mountains surrounding your family in the name of Jesus. Every mountain standing between you and the fulfilment of your God given dreams, shall become plain and all withheld blessings of your family shall be delivered to you. Enough of suffering and shame in every area of your family in the name of Jesus. The Almighty God will honour His name in your life and family as from today, and put an end to every form of ridicule and rejection,. He will turn your ridicule to miracle, Wherever you have been rejected before now, you shall be highly celebrated in the presence of all your adversaries in the name of Jesus. Enough of stagnation in your business,The Lord will grant you and your household success that will permanently silent your mocker,..

     Enough of sickness and diseases in your family, I decree God's Grace and Mercy will speak for you. God will keep all evils, sicknesses, diseases, afflictions and plagues away from you and your family in the name of Jesus and Heaven will rewrite your story, Everyone planning to harm you, will never understand the power that is fighting for you, because His presence will always be with you,. Enough of labour without good results,The Lord will reward all your labour with abundant wealth, good health and long life to enjoy the fruits of your labour. He will bless your hands to prosper in all your endeavours. You will never struggle to excel. Enough of evil roots and seed in your life, Every roots of hardship in your life shall be uprooted and destroyed and you shall not labour in vain in Jesus.

     Enough of all forms of wickedness in your family, No wickedness shall befall your home! No funeral will threaten you , You will trample over snakes and scorpions,You will trample over trouble, God will strengthen you in every area where you are weary. He will grant your family DIVINE strength and courage to Succeed. You are blessed, your children are blessed, the works of your hands are blessed in the name of Jesus 

   [B] PRAYER POINTS.........[1.] Father, I thank you for delivering me from all forms of evil in Jesus name.[2]. I put a permanent stop on any form of eating in the dream, in the name of Jesus.[3]. I decree that all those that pursue me shall fall for my sake, in the name of Jesus.[4]. I decree that anywhere my names are mentioned in the coven of witches and wizards, the fire of God shall answer them in Jesus’ name.

[5]. I destroy all the demonic ambassadors assigned to my life, in the name of Jesus.[6]. I command total destruction of all satanic machinations against my life, in the name of Jesus.[7]. Every power of darkness hunting for my life, be roasted, in the name of Jesus.[8]. Let all the contamination in my life through dreams be cleansed by the blood of Jesus.[9]. Let the path of the enemy into my life be permanently closed, in the name of Jesus.[10]. Father Lord, fill my life with the Holy Ghost fire, I want to be on fire for you in the name of Jesus.

    [C] POWERFUL PROPHETIC DECLARATION. [1] enough of pain and sorrow, God will turn every pain in your family to testimony,[2] enough of stagnation in your family, power of God will move you forward in every area in the name of Jesus.[3] enough of closed Heavens, your Heavens shall be open for wonders and achievements,[4] enough of disappointment, helpers of destiny shall locate your family and assist you.

[5] enough of sickness, every seed and yoke of sickness in your family ends today.[6[ pleasant surprises of financial breakthrough shall not end in your life,[7] before your needs show up surplus will be waiting in your hands.

[8] before you recover from one testimony, another will happen to your family,[9] any attempt to put you into trouble, shall turn to Promotion for your family,[10] your season of waiting is hereby translate to season of Testimony.God bless you as you type AMEN and share these post with friends on social media.

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Enough Is Enough Jesus MFM Mercy


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