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Frank Edwards Reveals The Reason You Should Learn To Hear God For Yourself

Have you ever received a message from someone through someone else? I know in this age of instant messaging and phone calls, you might be receiving all your messages from the horse's mouth, but if you have ever received a message from a secondary source, you would agree with me that there is a chance of the message being distorted. Let me explain.

People are not computers, so it will be difficult for a messenger to give a word for word proclamation of the message he or she was sent to deliver. The person might miss out some details or add something that was never in the original message. Also, people have personal biases, and they can emphasize on the part of the message that was not important because they feel they should, and ignore the important parts.

If all these is possible as we transfer messages to one another, don't you think it could also happen when someone gives you a word from the Lord? We are only human, and we still have our bodies, so we should not be surprised to find imperfections here and there.

That is why you should learn to hear God for yourself. Frank Edwards prayed this prayer for all his followers on his Instagram page. He said that if you only hear God through people, the message will change before it gets to you, and that can set you on a wrong mission. If you can hear God for yourself, God will tell you whatever it is he wants to tell you, and if he would use anyone to tell you anything, it will only be as a way of confirming what he has already said to you.

The more you spend time with God in prayer and Bible study, the closer you get to him, and the clearer his voice will be to you. Don't neglect the time you spend with God. When you spend time with God, you are training your spiritual ears to recognize his voice.

Jesus said in the book of John, that his sheep will hear his voice, and they will not follow the voice of a stranger because they will not be able to recognize it. You don't have to teach a child how to recognize his father's voice. The more the child spends time with his father, the more he will be able to recognize his voice, and distinguish it from any other voice. Be blessed.

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