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Night Clubbers Treat People Better Than Many Churchgoers - Reno Omokri

Nigerian human activist and lawyer currently abroad took to his official Facebook page earlier today and addressed a vital topic; the difference between churchgoers and those that truly believe in God.

He wrote "Take out your written prayer points and study them, chances are that if you left your poor environment and moved to say Canada or Europe, most of the things in that list would be gone. Work? Not a problem. Sickness? Very curable. Accomodation? Government provides it. Enemies? Who cares? You are too busy enjoying life to bother about enemies. We have many churchgoers and few, very few Christians. To know the difference between churchgoers who love God and churchgoers who are just after solution to their problems, go home and ask their neighbors how they treat other people. Night clubbers treat people better than many churchgoers. How we treat others is a better judge of true Christianity than church attendance."

He has explained it all, our environment is part of our problems, it can also be inferred from his words that being regular at Church is not the true measurement of Faith, but how we interact with people around us, and whether or not our neighbors benefit or encounter harm from us.

Credit: Reno Omokri, Facebook.

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