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Fiction: My Pastor Promised To Help Me But He Gave Me These Conditions, Lady Speaks Out

Fiction: My Pastor Promised To Help Me But He Gave Me These Conditions, Lady Speaks Out

Life has its experience to give us, and there is no way the experience won't help us learn, though sometimes we fall into some decisions that can mar ones life, and some do escape negativity in decisions. That is just life for you.

I attend one of the fast growing Pentecostal church, located in Anambra state. And we exhibit the love of Christ in our church, our pastor is well to do, has wife and three children. Apart from been a pastor he also has a business he does, so he is not a full time pastor so to say. And his wife works in a very respected firm in the country. I serve as an usher in the church, and I am very diligent and committed.

Around summer, my pastor's wife and children went on vacation for a month, and it remained my pastor alone, and I am more like a family to them because they do treat me like their child, my parent and siblings stays the state, Edo state to be precise. And I only went to Anambra state to school, I rarely go home, because my pastor's family always assist all youths in the church, in terms of finances, spiritual growth etc.

I am about to write my exam of second semester, of my second year in that school, but then my parent could not afford my fee then, so I had to go to my pastor for help, because I know that's not the first time he do help people. I met with him and he said he will help me but gave me some conditions before he can help, I had to ask him, is it that you always give conditions before you can help, and he said not really, they don't always give conditions, except for rare cases like mine. Then I said okay, and I asked him for the conditions.

Then he listed 3 conditions that I must meet before he can help

1. I must be living with him in the house, since the wife is not around

2. I will be his cook, till her wife comes back, because he cooks for himself

3. I must be his girlfriend for the main time till her wife will come

4. I must not tell anyone about it

I am so confused right now, because he does not even like another woman cooking for him, not to talk of allowing another woman live with him.

What do I do?

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