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IGI NLA: The Gigantic Tree Whose Leave Never Touches The Ground And Kills Any Mortal That Touches It

African culture is filled with many mysteries that are yet to be unraveled by scientists. One mystery is the existence of the gigantic Igi Nla tree AKA Asorin. The tree is believed to grow in thick forests. Its bark and root are reportedly used to make potent charms in Yorubaland.

One striking thing about this tree is that its leave never touches the ground. A cobweb is usually woven beneath the stem where all dead leaves drop without reaching the ground.

Additionally, it is believed that any mortal who touches the tree dies instantly. Also, grass does not grow around the radius of the Igi Nla. Nevertheless, spiritualists usually visit this tree to make charms from the bark and root but must follow a ritual to avoid being killed - they usually approach the tree from a safe distance and throw a life rooster at it after a series of incantations.

It is also believed that the tree talks and can send an emissary in the form of a fig to accompany a petitioner when its help is needed. Sources claim that the tree is rare but exists at Afere in the Iwo Kingdom.

Though many people from this generation haven't seen this tree and might find it difficult to believe its existence, however, historic facts have revealed the authenticity of the Igi Nla.

Photo Credit: Yoruba Renaissance and Facebook.

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Afere African Igi Nla


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