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Every Evil Altar Erected For My Sake In This Month Of April Catch Fire

Mighty God of heaven we pray asking that you will release your judgemental fire upon every demonic altar that has been erected by the devil for my sake in the mighty name of Jesus christ. We pray lord that whatever form of sacrifice is been offered against my life by any demon in human form, father we decree they are hereby consumed together with their sacrifice by the fire of the holy ghost. I decree that the angel of death from heaven visits any demonic altar invoking my name of family members for evil and let death begin to visit them one after the other in the name of Jesus christ.

We hereby declare that every demonic altar is hereby scattered by fire in the name of Jesus christ. The power of Jesus christ our resurrected saviour shall begin to speak for us and against every evil altar of the devil and his agents in the mighty name of Jesus christ. There shall no longer be any evil altar that shal be able to fight our lives from this day onwards and we decree that our progress in life and our journey to destiny is hereby secured and gauranteed in the mighty name of Jesus christ we have prayed.

Please pray along and do like and share God bless you all as you.

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