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Deeper Meaning Of Psalm 90:12 That You Need To Know.

God desires his children to learn wisdom, and this is one of the reasons why he has given his Holy Spirit to teach them and also guides them into all truth, and according to Psalm 51:6, God teaches wisdom in the heart. Since man (male and female) is of few days (Job 14:1), God wants them to walk in wisdom so that they can always redeem the time (Colossians 4:5), and also please him in whatever they do.

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Knowing how to number one's day and applying one's heart to wisdom will not only secure one's future but also make one productive in whatever one does, and as well help one to do what is right in the sight of God, and Psalm 90:12 says something deep about it that I want to share with you, so I want you to go through the entire article an I present the deeper meaning of the scripture.

Here is the deeper meaning of Psalm 90:12.

" So teach us to number our days", this part of the scripture means that God through the Holy Spirit that he has given to us, should teach us to number or count our days, and 1John 2:27 reveals that the anointing (Holy Spirit) which we have received will teach us all things (which includes numbering of our days), and we are to abide in him by being obedient to his teaching.

" that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.", this second part of the scripture means that we should use our heart to meditate (think deeply) on the wisdom given by God through the Holy Spirit, understand it and also apply it in our day to day activities. Proverbs 2:6 reveals that the Lord gives wisdom, and Job 28:28 tells us that the fear of the Lord is wisdom, and Proverbs 16:6 lets us know that it is by the fear of the Lord that men depart from evil. This means that the wisdom given by God is the fear of the Lord, that is God teaches his children to fear him, and by that fear of the Lord (also known to be wisdom) men will depart from evil, which means they will stop committing evil. 

So, the request for God to teach us to number our days means that God should teach us the wisdom of our to live our lives every day, and the reason for this is because Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 tells us that we should fear God and keep his commandments because it is the duty given to man by God and that God will bring every work, and secret things done by man to judgement, whether they are good or evil.

As Children of God, we need to submit ourselves to God so that he can teach us by His Spirit to number our days, and as well help us to apply our hearts to wisdom.

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