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Before you step out this Morning (17/07/202) Pray this Prayer for God's Protection

Before you step out this Morning (17/07/202) Pray this Prayer for God's Protection.

Almighty Father, your word is true and remain unshakable. You have called me up from my lifeless state once again and refilled me your breathe of life and strength. I thank you for allowing me see another day. Thanks for health.

Your words in psalm 125:1 says:

Those that put their trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which can never be shaken, and can never be removed. Thank you Lord for establishing me, I am firmly situated and can never be moved by any situation.

Thanks you for your promise in the book of Isaiah 40:31, which says that:

Those who put their trust in you oh Lord shall find their strength renewed , they will rise on wings like eagles; they will run and not get tired; they will walk and never grow weak. Heavenly father, as I step out today renew my strength and let me rise on wings like eagles.

God my Protector, as it's in your word in psalm 91:3-4

As I step out today you will keep me safe from all hidden dangers and from all deadly diseases ; you will cover me with your wings and I will be safe in your care.

Teach me to live according to your truth, because you are my God who saves me, I will always trust in you, Lord my saviour as I step out today, don't let me love what will destroy me.

Thank you for Lord for disappointing the device of the Crafty, as it was written in Job 5:12

You have rendered them powerless and unable to carry on with their evil work against me, thank you for allowing them to be caught up by their own trap

Oh Lord my father , I believe in you according to John 1:12, and I receive the power you have given unto those that believes.

Therefore Lord I confessed that

✓ Today i am protected and safe in your care

✓ No evil shall befall me and my family today

✓ I am not afraid because you have covered me with your wings, and I will be safe in your care.

✓ My feet will always be lifted up by you angels, that I may not hurt them on the stone

✓ Thank you Almighty God for answering my prayers, in Jesus Amen.

Faith comes by hearing the word, and without Faith you cannot please God.

I believe you have made this pray with faith therefore let it be according to your faith. comment Amen and share it

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