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If you need peace then say this prayer

Heavenly Father I thank and worship your holy name you are great in all ways Holy spirit of God have your way in me 

Lord just as our faces are different so are our heart desires Lord give me peace in all that I do because you "said come on to me all who are  boarding hearted and I will give you rest" my God I have come for that rest

that peace that only you Lord can give, take away all my worries and replace them with peace because I can't do it on my own I need your help 

Lord I have heard countless testimonies and I have given countless testimonies Lord this stress is too much to handle alone I need your help your supernatural support let your invisible hand locate me 

I know I'm a sinner I admit to all my sins have mercy on me wash me with your precious blood and deliver me, 

make a new way for me and teach me to do things right Lord my enemies I live to you because your words says "they will come for me in three ways and if I be for you they will flee in many ways" so fight for me 

who so ever said I will not live to see my marriage day, have good children,get a good job, become rich in life, have good health, Lord let your fire consume them and let all there plans backfire on them, Lord just like you deliver the children Israel out of Egypt Lord deliver me from my enemy and give me testimonies at even me will be surprise 

Lord you are my God I have no one to run to but to run to you for help Lord change what needs to be changed and give me peace 

thank you for answering my prayers you are My God my friend my protector my provider my way maker, all Glory and honor be onto you oh Lord 

in JESUS name I pray


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