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A 100 years old Tanzanian priest celebrates his birthday.

This article is about a Tanzanian priest who Celebrated his 100th birthday anniversary.

Priests across the world are seen as holy men, as people who are closer to God. They carry out functions which includes; Baptism, officiating in wedding, praying for the people, hearing confessions and advising God's people.

They officiate what the Catholics call "Requiem mass " which is Mass for dead. They also settle disputes among the people.

You can see that the work of priests are too numerous. We are going to Celebrate one of them in this article.

A Tanzanian Reverend father from the Catholic Diocese of Moshi named Reverend Father Lui Shayo who became 100 years old and had already celebrated his 70th priestly anniversary during Holy Mass presided over by Bishop Ludovick Minde of Moshi in Longuo Parish.

During the sermon (homily as it is called by the Catholics), the presiding minister, Bishop Minde explained that Reverend father Lui is a unique and rare gift to the Catholic Church in Tanzania as well as a blessing to the country.

The presiding Bishop stated that the secret to reach the age of 100 is in itself mystery of God who has kept him in sound health and as he is committed to the vocation of priesthood.

Today, I join the hosts of angels to wish you a happy birthday. I tap the current of living to my old age. It's a good thing to get to the old-age and see you children's children and others.

Again, Reverend Father Lui has shown that he truly served God in the days of his youth, as it is written in the Holy Bible "serve God in the days of your youth and when you grow old, it will not depart from you."

That explains why the 100 years old priest is still committed to his vocation.

Happy birthday to you Padre.

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