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Today's Prophetic Declarations For Divine Attention From God

Jehovah shalom we give you praise for mercy to see a new day. We request that these morning our situation and circumstances shall receive divine attention. We pray you will attend to all our Physical needs , concerning our health,let there be speedy healing and recovery,in the name of Jesus Father we ask that you attend to all our material needs, as many things that we need to make s living, be released unto us today,in the name of Jesus Christ. Father,we demand that you attend to our Spiritual needs,let there be a dynamic lifting for our spirit from our present position to higher level, in the name of Jesus Christ. Father, we pray that you attend to all our Spiritual challenges and Problems. Every power tormenting us maritally and spiritually be consumed with fire. Whatever the enemies have stolen in our lives be restored by your grace in Jesus'name. Every mark and signs of stagnation, frustration and disappointment upon our lives be converted to Breakthrough in the name of Jesus Christ. Take over all our battle today, and beyond in Jesus'name. Financially, father attend to every situation in our business, connect us today with people that matters, in the name of Jesus Christ. Every spirit of backwardness and failure,,be shattered by fire in Jesus'name. PROPHETIC DECLARATION FOR DIVINE ATTENTION. [1] The Lord will attend to all your situation and circumstances today, in Jesus'name. [2] the anointing for divine attention shall be released upon your family in Jesus name. [3] your situation shall attract divine attention today by fire, in Jesus'name [4] your health will receive divine attention for healing in Jesus'name. [5[ the Lord will attend to your marital needs today in Jesus'name. [6[ your marriage shall receive divine Attention today in Jesus'name. [7] your children situation and condition shall receive divine attention, in the name of Jesus Christ. [8] every evil mark working against divine attention in your life, in be consumed with fire in Jesus'name. [9[ your Finance shall receive divine attention today in Jesus'name. [10] your life shall attract divine attention and intervention in the name of Jesus Christ. 

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Jehovah Jesus Christ Jesus Father


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