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The Story of Little David Versus The Mighty Goliath

Bible Reading (1 Samuel 17 :1 - 58).

The story of little David and mighty Goliath in the above Bible passage, was an interesting one, it shows that God doesn't deliver man by the use of sophisticated weapons of this world. When the incident in the above story happened, David was very young and tendered in age but mighty in the power of God.

There was war between the children of Israel and the philistines, Saul the King was the commander of army of Israel while Goliath was the commander of army of philistine. General Goliath possed a great challenge to the to Saul and the entire armies of Israel, he said, with pride, that the team of Israel should choose a person that would represent Isreal while he would represent philistine, " And I defy the army of Israel this day, give me a man , that we may fight together." He would come out, boastfully to challenge God of Israel and the entire army of Israel, infact, for about forty days, none of the army of Israel, including Saul could face Goliath. " When Saul and all the Israel heard those words of the Philistine, they were dismayed and greatly afraid."

Thanks be to God for using little David to remove the reproach of Israel. David's father called for him (David) from where he was looking after his father's flock of sheep and sent David to go and look at the welfare of his elder brothers who were in the army of Israel. When David got there, as usual, Goliath came out to despise children and God of Israel. Little David was moved by what Goliath said to Isreal army. He made his mind to challenge and fight Goliath.

Anyway, David was discouraged by his elders brothers, and even Saul said he couldn't face Goliath who had been fighting war at tender age, but David gave his testimonies how God helped him to kill a lion and a bear who wanted to take his little sheep at different occasions. He was able to convince Saul, the King. Saul put on David his garment of war but David couldn't shift a step, it was too heavy for him to carry, it was removed. Then, David picked some stones into his bag and moved forward to challenge General Goliath, He was underated by Goliath but David prophecised that God would give him victory over Goliath.

David didn't waste time, he put his just a small stone into his catapult and slang it, do you know what happened? God directed the little stone and entered into Goliath's forehead, the only place uncovered. Without beating about the bushes, the mighty Goliath fell down flat and gave up the ghost. Mighty God gave little David victory over Goliath.

The Almighty God who gave little David victory over mighty Goliath will surely give you victory over all your life's physical and spiritual Goliaths, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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