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Before Bedtime: See What Happens When You Pray, Combats in The Spiritual Realm.

Most times we human beings ask why is God not answering my prayers. But you don't know that there are combats that go on In the spiritual realm. In the heavenly, the Earth is covered with a substance that looks like a thick blanket. And only a fervent prayer can lead to your open heavens. The agents of darkness move up and down this thick blanket and controls all that goes on on Earth. 

There are three types of prayers, and all prayers move up to heaven in the form of a smoke. The first type of prayer is the prayer that comes up to heaven and disappears. This is because they are the prayers of someone living in sin.

The second is the prayer that comes up but is not able to penetrate the blanket because somewhere that person praying has doubts and doesn't have all that is needed in prayers. 

The third one is the prayer that ignites into fire and burns through the rock. When we as Christian's pray, our prayers go up to heaven and if we continue in thanks giving and confession it moves on to the second one , and if we continue in prayers it ignites and become the third one. When the satanic agents notice what is going on they look for possible distraction to stop that person from praying; and then might receive a phone call, or hunger or you will start having body pains. And ones you leave to attend to that matter, well that's the end. You will have to Start afresh because the devil's agents have tried to cover up that open heaven. But if you resist those distractions and focus on the prayer then God guides you through and you become inspired in the prayer. You will no longer be mindful of time. And even after you are done with that prayer, God's presence continues with you wherever you go and even when you are with people, they experience God's presence. I will want to stop here for now, there is still more to talk about. So please like and follow to be updated.


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