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Say this Powerful Prayers Today to Destroy the Plans of the Enemy against Your Life- E.An Adeboye.

The Bible states that the enemy cometh to kill to steal and to Destroy and as Christains, it is important to note that there are enemies wherever we find ourselves, whether in the place of work, school or even in the Church.

The enemy will not stop planning your downfall and the only thing you have to fight against them is Your Prayer to God. God said, lay or your supplications to him and he will answer.

As Christains, it is important to know that it's either you DESTROY your enemies or they destroy you. Now is the time to put on the full fire amour of God and destroy those evil proclamations made against your life.

Say this prayers today to destroy and frustrate the plans of the wicked.

1. Blood of Jesus, Wipe Out, the handwriting of darkness assigned against me in the heavenlies, in Jesus Name.

2. Every arrow fired against me from the heavenlies, B-A-C-K-F-I-R-E! in Jesus Name.

3. Every diviner assigned against me from the heavenlies, RUN MAD! in Jesus Name.

4. My Father! Arise! Fight for me Now! in Jesus Name.

5. Every power assigned to destroy my destiny, DIE! in Jesus Name.

6. Every power of frustration that pursued me last year, Your Time Is Up! DIE! in Jesus Name.

7. Every enemy of my promotion and advancement S-C-A-T-T-E-R in Jesus Name.

8. Every operation of darkness in my family line, DIE! in Jesus Name.

9. I shall have unstoppable advancement in Jesus Name.

10.This year, the wealth of the unbelievers shall be transferred to my bosom, in Jesus Name.

11. This year, my star shall arise and fall no more, in Jesus Name.

Also, read Pslam 91:1- the end today and pray it along with these prayers.

Don't forget to comment Amen if you believe the enemies are destroyed.

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Blood of Jesus Christains E.An


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