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Dear Muslims, Mosquitoes & Other Insects Will Never Bite You If You Say This Prayer Thrice Daily

Dear Muslims, Mosquitoes & Other Insects Will Never Bite You If You Say This Prayer Thrice Daily.

Islam is the ultimate religion that caters to the financial, spiritual, health, and economic welfare of its adherents.

Islam teaches us how to protect ourselves from evils of the seen and the unseen. There are a lot of Duas and supplications in the Holy Qur'an that are useful for our daily needs.

Some of these Quranic verses are Ayatul Kurisiyu, Surat Falaq, Nasih, and Al Iklas. These verses are short but powerful, every Muslim should make use of these Quranic verses for daily protection.

The noble Prophet Muhammad (saw) also taught of a lot of supplications for the purpose of protecting ourselves.

There are various supplications every Muslim should make daily in order to protect his or herself for evils, seek a financial breakthrough, seek for health and wellness, and many more.

All these beautiful Duas and supplications have been compiled in a popular book called 'Citadel of the Believers' the book is common and available at every Islamic book store. Every Muslim should have one at home, we should also train our young ones with this book.

However, I have tried to pick out a part of the book which taught us how we can protect ourselves from insects and other creatures of Allah. This supplication is very short but powerful. If you do it with faith you will surely see the results.

See the supplication is the pictures below.

Insects bite can be harmful, especially scorpion and the likes. The above dua will protect you from insects and other harmful creatures.

Take precautions and say this prayer daily with faith, you will never regret it.

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