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Prayer for divine security and victory over enemies

Who can battle with the Lord? I say nobody. On this day, Lord, I call upon you for divine wisdom, grace and power to conquer all enemies around my life. Enemies that roar about my life, business and family, to destroy them; enemies that disguise themselves as angels of light, enemies of my progress. Father as they stand up every day to do any evil against me, let all their plans be frustrated; because your word says in Isaiah 54:15, " that they shall surely gather together, not by me; whomsoever shall gather against me shall fall for my sake". As they go about trying to locate me for evil, may they miss their directions in Jesus name. Amen.

I stand on the word of God that says, " if God be for me, nobody will be against me" (Romans 8:31). And your word also says in Isaiah 54:14, "that I will be far from every oppression of my enemies". Unknown enemies waiting to hunt me or my family down, may they be disgraced in Jesus name. Amen.

Lord, surround me and my family with your fire.

Let your fire be a wall around us wherever we go.

Let it become a divine security against all evil powers of darkness. Amen.

Lord, let my life and family be hidden in divine security of your name; for your name is a strong tower to which the righteous run and is safe. Thank you, Jesus.

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