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Say These Prayers To Possess Your Possession

One of the most important desires of God is for His Children to possess their possession (Obadiah 1:17), and according to 1Corinthians 1:12, he has given his Spirit to make them know the things he has freely given to them, and the things he freely gave to them is their possession. In Matthew 22:21, whatever we ask in prayer, we should believe that we have received, and we shall receive it, and in John 14:14, God promised to do whatever we ask in his name, and this means you can ask God to help you possess your possession, and he will grant your request because he has promised to do whatever you ask from him.

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Here are prayers to say to possess your possession.

Father Lord, I thank you for the grace to call upon you, I submit myself and ask for forgiveness of any sin that will hinder my prayers from being effective, I ask that you thoroughly cleanse me from them all, in the name of Jesus. My God and maker, I believe in your words of promise to do whatever I ask in your name, grant my request and let me possess my possession, in the name of Jesus.

Oh, God, destroy every wicked enemy holding unto my possession and bring down every stronghold erected to hinder me from accessing what you have freely given to me, in the name of Jesus, I ask that you arise in your glorious power and smite every evil power assigned to kill me in other to stop me from possessing my possession, in the name of Jesus.

Oh, Lord, you are my God and maker, open the heavens for me and release every resource I need to possess my possession, in the name of Jesus, Father Lord, command your angels to locate the things you have given and provided as my possessions for me, in the name of Jesus.

Father Lord, empower me to overcome every temptation designed by the devil to hinder me and let every evil spirit assigned to work against me be bound and cast out, in the name of Jesus. Oh, Lord, let the grace to possess my possession, be released upon me, in the name of Jesus.

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