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Tuesday Faith Clinic: Are You a Warrior or a Worrier?

Warrior or a Worrier, Which Are You?

Unfortunately, sometimes during the stormy seasons of my life, I have endeavored to have a foot in each camp of fierce warfare and of deceptive worry.

A warrior is characterized by an incessant desire for victory; a worrier only sees the surety of defeat. A warrior is determined to fight with a victorious strategy, while a worrier is solely thinking about what could go wrong.

A warrior continues to march forward even when the flaming darts are flying; a worrier crawls into a fetal position and is paralyzed by circumstances. A warrior submits his or her life to the strategy of those in authority while a worrier wishes to control the outcome by manipulation.

I am a warrior

I am a warrior—are you? I don’t have time to worry about outcomes, defeats or even disappointments. I am intent on winning every battle that I face and to glorify my leader who has never lost a battle yet.

If I waste valuable hours and emotional strength by giving of myself to worry, I will never become the woman Christ has called me to be. I must keep my eyes focused on the victory of Christ and I must throw off the lies of the enemy especially when I am in the heat of the battle.

“But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place” (2 Cor. 2:14, NASB).

I can control my responses

There are so many issues in life that I am unable to control. I can’t control the weather, the stock market or the media. I can’t control the choices of my adult children, the sermons my pastor preaches or how other people treat me.

What I can control is how I respond to the challenges of life. I have determined not to allow worry to steal one more day of my existence but to join with Christ in the glory of winning every battle in which I am engaged.

Worry – a component of failure

Worry only sets a man or a woman on a pathway to guaranteed defeat. Worry is not a strategy for victory but it is a major component of failure.

One of the most powerful battle strategies that a believer in Christ can engage with is the decision to find a fighting Scripture and then stand upon it.

A fighting Scripture will eliminate worry and fear from your life because you will be so focused on the eternal truth of Scripture that the lies of the enemy will seem inconsequential.

Choose your fighting scripture

When you choose your fighting Scripture, it is vital to begin to declare it out loud daily or even hourly. Share this Scripture with your friends and family members; commit your fighting verse to memory.

I have determined to fight with the Word of God and not with my emotions. I have decided to worship even in the heat of the flames of crisis. I have resolved to pray until the mountains move and the storm ceases.

I will be an uncommon representation of the strength and courage of the one who created me.

I am a warrior!

Source: Carol McLeod

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