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It Is Not Wrong To Want Things But, It Is When You Are Unhappy If You Don't Get Them—J. Meyer

Pastor Joyce Meyer is the founder and Senior Pastor of Joyce Meyer Ministries. The Pastor who is known for her advisory and encouraging messages has shared the video of a message she delivered on contentment on her official Facebook page.

The cleric has shared in her words from 0:01 to 0:45 of the video that, contentment does not mean I do not want anything—it is not wrong to want things but it is when you are unhappy if you do not get them. As revealed by the cleric, when you are unhappy because you did not get what you wanted, you are practically saying God I do not trust you.

As exhorted by the cleric in her words, she has shared an example from her own experience that, if I ask anything from God and He does not give it to me, it is either I did not ask for the right thing, or that it is not the right time, or God has got something better for me, and I am not haut smart enough to ask for it yet.

As a believer, God will never once disappoint His people nor forsake them. He had very good Plans for His people only that they would ask according to His will for them.

You can watch the Video here

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