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Thursday Morning: Say These 15 Prayer Points Of Divine Blessing In Your Land

1) I declare that by the help of the holy spirit, I shall prosper in Jesus name.

2) Oh Lord, be with me, bless my labour and let me eat the goodness of this land in Jesus name.

3) Oh Lord, restore my lost glory in my family and let all members of my family deal with me with respect in Jesus name.

4) I prophesy that I am exempted from every terror that befalls this land, and no man shall prevail over me in this land in Jesus name.

5) Oh Lord, elevate my status and position in this country (mention the name of the country) in Jesus name.

6) Oh Lord, let your grace be super sufficient for me in this foreign land in Jesus name.

7) Oh Lord, my godly dreams shall come true in this country in Jesus name.

8) Oh Lord, just as you made Joseph a prime minister in a strange land, make me a leader in this land in Jesus name.

9) Oh Lord, give me a mega breakthrough in this land so that all the people of the earth may know that the LORD is God in Jesus name.

10) Oh Lord, I declare that no evil pharoah shall oppress me in this land in Jesus name.

11) Remember me, my God, for good and let me prosper in this land in Jesus name.

12) Oh Lord, all things I declare that every good thing concerning my life in this land shall be established in Jesus name.

13) Oh Lord, I know that you can do all things. Bless me mightily in this land in Jesus name.

14) Oh Lord, bless cause this land to yield her increase for me in Jesus name.

15) Oh Lord, let your mercy prevail over every form of judgment against me in this land in Jesus name .

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